Control Panels


Here at WRES, we guarantee that all control panels built are of the highest standard both in functionality and quality.

This is realised and checked with our comprehensive testing procedure, whether it be a small wall mounted enclosure or a large suite of enclosures.

The design, build and installation of every control panel is always completed ‘in house’ guaranteeing the highest quality with every standard and specification closely followed as set by our clients.

Generally, ‘off-the-shelf’ mild steel or stainless steel enclosures manufactured by companies such as Rittal or Eldon are used, but WRES can offer bespoke purpose-built enclosures if so required, such as Form 4, for example.

Assisted by modern computer technology, our talented team members work closely with our customers to understand all their wishes and requirements. Every control panel design is carefully planned to make sure it closely follows the British Standards, customer’s specifications and requirements.

WRES pride themselves on the relationships that they build with their customers.